Finding trustworthy kitchen fitter

When it comes to having your kitchen fitted it is important to not only find a quality installer but one who is trustworthy should you decide to leave them unattended in your home.

A kitchen installation could last from days to many weeks and you will likely need to leave your kitchen fitters unattended at some point, so how do you ensure they are trustworthy?

Experience is is key

In these modern times it’s common to be wary of new people who come to do work in your home.

You’ll naturally want to get the best deal for fitting your new kitchen, but this is often a false economy as cheaper inexperienced workmen may often take longer or provide an inferior outcome.

A seasoned fitter may well draw on experience learned from recent jobs using new construction methods, tools or materials that could benefit your project in terms of quality and speed, so be mindful of this.

Get a reference

An experienced fitter will have years of experience and be able to provide references from many previous jobs.

Try to follow up in person to see the quality of work first hand and get feedback from the person who hired the fitter directly.

Ask them if they left the fitter unattended and how they left the home each day before they went home for the day.

What an experienced kitchen fitter will provide

  • Experience and knowledge of similar jobs to yours.
  • Provide advice on solutions to your problems.
  • Be insured to work on your home.
  • Submit proper invoices for payment.
  • Be able to provide multiple references and examples of finished jobs.
  • Agree to a work schedule.
  • A detailed written quotation.
  • Be easily contactable during the project.
  • Operate from a fixed address.

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