Preparing for your new kitchen installation

Depending on your current position, there are various tasks to perform before your kitchen fitter arrives.

From preparing your kitchen so your filter get can started straight away to ensuring you have access to needed items while your kitchen is out of action, we will try and cover off a few of the essentials in this article.

Clear the room

If your kitchen fitter is removing your existing kitchen, you will obviously need to ensure the room is completely clear, everything is remove from the cupboards  and ready for the team to start work on day one.

Remember to remove paintings, artwork, ornaments and mirrors from walls and shelves.

It is best to remove any furniture from the room so that it doesn’t get in the way of the work areas.

If you are having a new floor laid then removing freestanding furniture is essential. If you are keeping your flooring you will need to make sure it is protected.

Box up things you don’t need

After removing everything from your kitchen, box up the things you wont be using until your kitchen if finished and store them away so they are not in the path of your kitchen fitter.

Make sure you keep any essential items easily accessible. This can be a great opportunity to have a clear out, you might even rediscover some forgotten treasures!

Labelling boxes saves time so you know which box you items are in when it comes to unpack!

Temporary cooking area

Think about your temporary cooking space and ensure you have access to everything you’ll need while your new kitchen is being installed.

You may decide it is easier to eat out but another location with and microwave and kettle may come in handy.

Dust protection

Dust gets everywhere. The better you protect your other areas of your home, the less work you will have to do later.

Dust will work its way around your home, no matter how well you seal off your kitchen from the rest of the house.

Remember the cover electrical items well so that dust does not penetrate and end up inside your expensive items.

Building work can cause vibrations and so it’s recommended that you remove any artwork or mirrors from your walls in other rooms just to be on the safe safe.

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