Will there be much dust during a kitchen installation?

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Unfortunately, with all installations there will be some dust in the air. More so, if building work is being undertaken.

No matter how well rooms are taped off, dust has a way of finding areas to settle around your property. You should therefore ensure precious items and electrical items (such as a tv) are moved or well covered.

How do I keep dust out of my room during construction?

Dusty room

Try to create a barrier between rooms and keep it intact as long as possible. Using thick sheet plastic will be your main barrier protecting the rest of the house until the work is done.

It’s worth noting that you may need to let the dust settle for a week after the work is complete before your property can be cleaned to a professional standard.

Remove any rubble or debris that’s been left behind with a dustpan and brush or a broom.

Wipe all hard surfaces starting from the top and making your way down. Vacuum the bookshelves and shelves inside of all cabinets. Wipe all countertops, bookshelves, doorframes and other flat surfaces and hard furnishings around the house to get the place is dust-free.

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